Established in 2016, the Springfield Downtown Development Authority is committed to the revitalization, preservation, and economic prosperity of our downtown. The DDA's purpose is to invigorate the local economy and social strength of our community, while maintaining the historic charm & financial viability that make Springfield the perfect home for your business. To be a member of the DDA Board, you must be either a tax paying resident of Sprinfield or a resident of Effingham County that is a manager or owner of business in the DDA Area.

DDA Board Members


Lonnie Pate

1st Self Storage
Mr. Pate is the Chairman of the DDA. He is an Efingham County Resident with an active business located in the DDA Area. 

Dee Moncrief

Springfield Resident, Sherman & Hemstreet
Mrs. Moncrief is a Real Estate Broker with offices located it the DDA Area. She is a resident of the City of Springfield.

Joyce Alderman

Springfield Resident
Mrs. Alderman has been a Springfield resident for over 15 years. She is a retiree and an engaged member of the community. 

Steve Shealy

Springfield Resident, City Councilman
Mr. Shealy has been on the DDA Board since 2016 and has been a Council member since 2012.

Brittany Dasher

Dasher Insurance
Miss. Dasher is a resident of Effingham County and a managing partner in a thriving downtown business.

James Seigmund

Wanderings Design & Decor
Mr. Seigmund is co-owner of a downtown Retail store located in the DDA Area. He has been on the DDA Board since 2020. 

David Sharp

Springfield Music and Art Center
Mr. Sharp is the owner of the the Springfield Music and Arts Center located in the DDA Area. 

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